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“My awareness expanded. I always considered myself being somebody who is already very aware. But the piece that was missing is that I was still hindered somehow by some fear, or old patterns, or thought habits, and she helped me break that down and become more aware. And so, I feel like ever since I started working with Epiphany, I know how to help myself better. It still doesn’t mean that life is easy, and life just flows. I get stuck … I get through … there’s moments that are hard. But I feel like now I’ve been able to catch myself, and be more compassionate with myself, and be more confident in finding my own heart’s truth, and expressing it shamelessly and audaciously. So, that has had implications in everything in my life. Not just my relationship, but the way I express myself with friends, or at work, and that has been a big shift.”

T.M., San Francisco, California


A proven step by step accelerated process saving you years of therapy


Through understanding, communication & empowerment


To choose your next steps by honoring your heart’s truth

What’s the difference between the work that Epiphany does, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching?

There is a common misconception that Psychotherapy and Coaching are basically the same thing. They’re not! Although they share a few similarities, they’re actually very different. I have a background in Psychotherapy, Coaching and Re-Patterning work for the subconscious mind.

With all of these three integrated abilities, I’ve created a metaphorical toolbox to help you form new habits and behaviors to give you a fresh new start. It provides the quickest results for marriages. childhood traumas, and other sorts of trauma as well.

Let’s dive into the ways Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and my Work differ from one another (going from the slower modalities to faster modalities in terms of getting results)


In Psychotherapy . . .

  • Clients are typically seen as patients
  • The process is long term and can be very slow-paced
  • Clients are often diagnosed
  • The client follows a more direct path that the therapist sets for them
  • The process is more one-sided
  • Sessions tend to be more serious


In Coaching . . .

  • Clients are typically seen as partners
  • The process is more fast-paced
  • The client is encouraged to take control and move forward
  • A coach does not focus on the symptoms to draw conclusions and does not make a diagnosis
  • Clients are in the driver’s seat and are more in control
  • The process is more outcome-based and future-focused.
  • Sessions can be more fun


In my Work . . .

  • Influenced by training in psychotherapy, life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, trauma healing, marriage work
  • Also, influenced by extensive training in yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine Ayurveda, indigenous cultures
  • The most efficient and fast-paced work I have experienced and my clients have experienced
  • A deep focus on re-patterning our habits and behaviors
  • There is a focus on re-patterning limiting beliefs and re-patterning traumatic experiences
  • Past traumatic experiences shift into something that feeds my clients positively
  • My clients are taught tools for their toolbox on how to do Re-Patterning themselves
  • Encompasses body, mind, soul


How I work with my clients





In this stand-alone session, I’ll help you organize and map out your plan of action.  We’ll prioritize the goals you want to achieve and the issues you want to resolve.  You’ll gain perspective, understanding, and confidence in prioritizing your next steps in your healing and self-development path for yourself and your relationship.




Relationship Reset is an accelerated program for couples where I’ll support and guide you in my proven step-by-step method to get you more connection, harmony, and fulfillment in your love relationship.

Life After Infidelity ® is an 8 week accelerated program for women, I’ll support and guide you in my proven step-by-step method to get you clear, confident, and centered, so you can lead the healing and devotion in your love relationship.


These 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 day private VIP programs for women, men and couples, are held virtually or in-person at my retreat home in the beautiful Sonoma County in Northern California where I’ll support, guide, and help you step into the next best version of yourself and/or the next best version of your love relationship.







I will be in my strong feminine wisdom while using my sharp masculine intellect

I know being in my heart IS being in my center

I am committed to getting out of my head

I will move with intelligence

I commit to not reacting but responding

Life situations don’t define me, I do

Communicating with clarity and vulnerability is strength

Forgiveness is for me, not for them

Being confident comes from allowing myself to love myself deeply

Joy and laughter is such good medicine

Accountability is essential in helping me achieve my goals

Courage is not easy but absolutely essential in healing myself

Love. Joy. Peace.

What else is there?


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