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 Epiphany is the founder of the Trauma Repatterning Method™ which blends ancient wisdom with modern technologies to unlock the human potential. Her signature approach joins  the mind and heart to help clients gain the clarity, courage, and compassion needed to achieve lasting growth. 
What’s the difference between the work that Epiphany does, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching?
There is a common misconception that Psychotherapy and Coaching are basically the same thing. They’re not! Although they share a few similarities, they’re actually very different. I have a background in Psychotherapy, Coaching and Re-Patterning work for the subconscious mind.

With all of these three integrated abilities, I’ve created a metaphorical toolbox to help you form new habits and behaviors to give you a fresh new start. It provides the quickest results for marriages. childhood traumas, and other sorts of trauma as well.

Let’s dive into the ways Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and my Work differ from one another (going from the slower modalities to faster modalities in terms of getting results)
In Psychotherapy . . .

Clients are typically seen as patients
The process is long term and can be very slow-paced
Clients are often diagnosed
The client follows a more direct path that the therapist sets for them
The process is more one-sided
Sessions tend to be more serious
In Coaching . . .

Clients are typically seen as partners
The process is more fast-paced
The client is encouraged to take control and move forward
A coach does not focus on the symptoms to draw conclusions and does not make a diagnosis
Clients are in the driver’s seat and are more in control
The process is more outcome-based and future-focused.
Sessions can be more fun
In my Work . . .

Influenced by training in psychotherapy, life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, trauma healing, marriage work
Also, influenced by extensive training in yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine Ayurveda, indigenous cultures
The most efficient and fast-paced work I have experienced and my clients have experienced
A deep focus on re-patterning our habits and behaviors
There is a focus on re-patterning limiting beliefs and re-patterning traumatic experiences
Past traumatic experiences shift into something that feeds my clients positively
My clients are taught tools for their toolbox on how to do Re-Patterning themselves
Encompasses body, mind, soul
How to work with me
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