About Me

Epiphany Kaye
Love & Trauma Expert
Specializing in Infidelity, Healing & Devotion

Epiphany is the founder of the Trauma Repatterning™ Method, Infidelity Toolkit®, Infidelity Healing Blueprint™, and Life After Infidelity® coaching programs. Her mission is to help people thrive personally and professionally thereby enriching their lives while empowering the lives of all those around them.

For over 25 years, Epiphany has helped thousands of people through life’s most difficult times. She’s mentored women recovering from trauma and infidelity, empowered women’s confidence and self-care, saved countless marriages, brought couples closer through deeper intimacy and connection, helped couples to part ways peacefully, and guided people to become their best selves.

After healing from multiple traumatic events in her own life that include being cheated on in her own marriage, a recovery from an 80 mph car accident, and the loss of her first soul mate when she was a young woman, she’s found joy and peace.

Having overcome these life challenges, Epiphany is inspired to use her experience and expertise to help as many people as she can to transform crisis into catalyst.

Epiphany has developed a powerful method that blends ancient wisdom with modern technologies to unlock human potential. Her signature approach joins the mind and heart to help clients gain the clarity, courage, and compassion needed to achieve lasting growth.

When Epiphany is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family in the redwoods of Northern California.



I will be in my strong feminine wisdom while using my sharp masculine intellect
I know being in my heart IS being in my center
I am committed to getting out of my head
I will move with intelligence
I commit to not reacting but responding
Life situations don’t define me, I do
Communicating with clarity and vulnerability is strength
Forgiveness is for me, not for them
Being confident comes from allowing myself to love myself deepl
Joy and laughter is such good medicine
Accountability is essential in helping me achieve my goal
Courage is not easy but absolutely essential in healing myself
Love. Joy. Peace.
What else is there?